SCAPES Winners


First Place

Heart Broken


Michael Freeman

Judges Comments:

The title reminds me of buildings in Australia. The artist’s working of the medium is well handled and the result is an overall harmonious painting with good design and draftsmanship.  I think this is a great pastel.

Second Place

Sunlit by Lyn Mellady


Judges Comments:

The artist has captured a fantastic atmosphere with the painting of the breaking wave and a dark contrast of a storm as the background.  The pastel is well handled especially the gentleness of the contrast of the sunlit sand in the foreground.

Highly Commended

Leading Me Home by Patricia Taylor

Lead Me Home T Taylor.jpg

Third Place

Outback Servo by Geoffrey May


Judges Comments:

The artist has captured a common sight in the country with the character of the shed and surrounds with little color using the evening sky to create the atmosphere. The pastel has a looseness in the application which adds to the subject.


Morning Has Broken by Joanne Cotton

Morning has Broken.jpg