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I love the luminosity of our native flowers and the hidden world that exists within them. We often dont realise how many insects are in our plants and using them as food sources. This appeals to my sense of 'quirky'

Pastel on Grey Ampersand Pastelbord
Image with permission Wildlife reference photos for artists: Photographer Menno Schaefer

Pastel on Grey Ampersand Pastelbord
Image with permission: Pixabay

The beautiful tall trees on Norfolk Island cast shadows over the roads and surrounding countryside, that then frame areas where the sunlight peeps through the trees to the ground below. One is always being drawn to these beautiful lit areas, be it the grassy embankment or the vista beyond. The shadows are the guide along the pathway, always urging you onward.

A typical summer afternoon in Londons Trafalar square I made this painting up from a few that I took on my last visit to London in 2018

Pinmill is a Favorite place I visit whenever I go to the UK it is a Mecca for Thames Barges and small boats. This was a shot I took on a summer evening in 1989 with a 35mmfilm.It did not turn out as I had to take the shot on the run . Being such poor quality I was a painting I was always going to do some day. I did a small sketch in oils 12 years ago but this is the 1st in pastel., and on a large format. I have attempted to try and capture the essence of that summer evening ,so long ago .



This birds-eye view reveals the tension between the unforgiving rock and the relentless ocean. I gain strength from the solid beacon of hope that is leading me home. Inspired by the Obelisk in Robe S.A.