Master Pastellist 1st Prize


Master Pastellist Highly Commended


All Ablaze

By Louise Corke 

35 x 22 cm

Judges Comments:

I find this pastel highly appealing even though it approaches the point of breaking the rules of placement.  “Well done,” I say and you got away with it brilliantly. Rules are sometimes meant to be broken.


By Maxine Thompson 

38 x 28

Judges Comments:

A wonderful simple and strong portrait of an alert, appealing small pup.

He has won my heart and come out as Top Dog.

Well done and congratulations.


Mother & Son

By Maxine Thompson

60 x 43 cm

Judges Comments:

Faithfully reproduced in all their glory. Fluffy and furry

Someone’s dear ones fixed in pastel forever.

General Member 1st Prize

IMG_3021 (005).jpg


By Rachel Cant

58 x 85 cm

Judges Comments:

This cleverly painted image has managed to achieve a sense of Confrontation, power and strength, within a turbulent atmosphere, without the usual advantage of high colour.

Well done and congratulations

General Member 2nd Prize


Howdy Ma’am

By Anne Berry

40 x 30 cm

Judges Comments:

Well done to the artist who has achieved in making a strong connection between the eyes of the believable laconic cowboy and the viewer. This is not a requirement, but I feel is an added aspect in the execution of portraiture. You can test this for yourself by walking around the portrait. His eyes will follow yours.

General Member 3rd Prize

pastel-morning sparkles.JPG

Morning Sparkles

By Carole Elliott

29 x 41 cm

Judges Comments:

The artist here has created a beautiful sense of perspective in a very short distance, by clearly explaining the glistening rocks and pebbles, within the free flowing water. The artist has also acknowledged the unseen sky in the reflection on some of  the rocks.

General Member Highly Commended

Grevilleas at Dawn.jpg

Grevilleas at Dawn 

by Jane Wray

75 x 96

O'Brien Diane -Second Valley - 32x24 cms

Second Valley

By Diane O’Brien 

24 x 32

Judges Comments:

This pastel shows the artists journey of discovery and shares a glimpse of rarely seen beautiful imagery.

Judges Comments:

An achievement in the telling of the complex movement of waves from the distant horizon. The explanation continues in the sense of mass of the promontory  and forward rocks, along with texture of sand and the varied use of blues in the sky.

Horns through thorns 100 x 135.jpg

Horns through Thorns

by Christine de Klerk

100 x 135

Judges Comments:

The interest of this painting is in the juxtaposition of the flora and fauna. The thorns have a patterned treatment which frames the horned dignity of the smoothly stylized animal.